(Reviews on Google unless otherwise noted.)

Carolyn Houston ★  Garrett was on time. He was professional and I like the fact that he answered all of my questions. He didn’t try to charge me or fix things that did not need to be fix. He was very honest. He even discovered a hornet nest and took care of it for me. He did an excellent job and was still very reasonably with his price. I will definitely use him again. I have his number saved in my phone. Thanks Garrett for your professionalism and honesty.

Barry Hasson ★  Garrett responded right away. He was prompt, efficient and completed the job right away.

May Marmolejo from Nextdoor
Definitely agree with recommendations of It’s Time Dryer Vent Cleaning. He’s honest and does a great job.

Tanya Johnston  ★  Wonderful quick and professional. Best rates around. Highly recommended

LaShae B.  Great service. I will be booking Garett for additional services.

Larry Wittmer from Nextdoor
Definitely use Garrett at Its Time. Owner does the work and you won’t meet or work with a more honest company!

Andria Bayne  ★  Selected this business after reading all of the reviews. They were RIGHT!!! Garrett was excellent. Said what he was going to do and then did it. Above and beyond good.

Jennifer Brandstrom  Garrett was professional and knowledgeable. He took his time to make sure everything was done properly and up to code. Thank you Garrett! I recommend this business.

Tania German  ★  He was quick to respond. Did a great job and very affordable! Definitely would recommend!

Clem Pascarella  Garrett was a recommendation from a dryer service technician. I called and left a message and within 20 minutes got a call back and was able to get a same day appointment along with an estimate. Arrived as scheduled, cleaned the duct and replaced a piece of accordion vent. Great experience, professional and clean. Highly recommend having this service.

Danielle Mullen  ★  Great experience. Removed a birds nest and replaced all our vent covers.

Regina Wanatowicz from Nextdoor
It’s Time Dryer Vent Cleaning. Honest and professional.

Teresa Darnell  ★  Had my vents cleaned last week and what a difference it has made in my clothes drying time. I highly recommend Garrett for the job!!!

Klye Yar  ★  Great service and explained everything that was being done. Fast and easy

Elesha J. from Nextdoor
I reached out to Garrett on a Saturday and he came out on Monday to service my long overdue dryer vents and hoses. What an improvement! Highly recommend!

Dennis Brewer ★  Fast, professional, and knowledgeable service. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Brian Elias Quick, courteous, reasonably priced, and thorough. What more could you ask for?

Anita Bennett from Nextdoor
I had my dryer vent cleaned today and Garrett did a wonderful job. He was on time and efficient. He replaced the duct work with an appropriate duct and left everything very clean.

George Becker ★  Garrett did an excellent job cleaning my dryer vent. He offered suggestions on how to keep it functioning correctly and clean. I recommend Garrett (It’s Time Dryer Vent Cleaning) to everyone.

Cynthia King from Nextdoor
Garrett came to rescue my house from a birds nest buried within my air duct/bathroom vent. He was timely, thorough and reasonably priced.

Leslie Norris-Hash from Nextdoor
Had my dryer vent cleaned today! Very happy with the results; removed 2 fire hazards I didn’t know I even had. Thanks so much!

Protap Mukerji ★  Excellent service. Garrett was remarkably well informed and knew what he was doing. Hire him…you won’t go wrong.

Jillian Eickman ★  Amazing customer service–really went above and beyond. Quick & easy communication. Would definitely reccomend!!

Stephanie Mudd ★  Garrett picked up almost immediately when I called to schedule my appointment. He sent a reminder message prior to my appointment and also let me know the morning of my appointment exactly when he would arrive. He was quick, very thorough, made suggestions that didn’t feel like he was just trying to upsell me, left my laundry room as clean (if not cleaner) than when he started, and was pleasant to speak with with. The price was very fair and I will definitely be contacting him again when my dryer vent needs to be cleaned.

Karl Skroban  ★  After seeing pretty much five star reviews, I decided to try them out and Garrett was awesome. Came early, did his thing to repair what we needed and all at a reasonable price. Very pleased with his services.

Ashleigh Baker ★  What a wonderful experience. Garrett was able to make it out within hours of my call, quickly found the issue, and even fixed the root cause. Couldn’t have been more appreciative!

Maria Cuevas from Nextdoor
Just got my dryer vent cleaning for the year! Thanks Garrett Eckert, great job!! Garrett was so patient with us. Gave us some educational advice and even replaced 2 outside air vents that needed to be repaced. It was a relief to know he had the necessary parts with him on this! visit. Thanks Garrett!! 2 thumbs up! Great job!!

Al Katz ★  Garrett was on time and did a great job. Efficient and clean.

Jimmy Johnson ★  Garrett was knowledgeable, through and reasonably priced for our dryer vent cleaning. Highly recommended!

Bethany Guttas from Nextdoor
I second It’s Time. Website: We called last Sunday and Garret came Tuesday morning. He was great and I’m very pleased with the results.

John Puterbaugh  ★  I called It’s Time Dryer Vent Cleaning at random for a dryer vent cleaning at a new house I’d just bought. Our dryer vent hookup had presented some issues upon installation, and I was hoping for a vent system cleaning and a pro to assess the hookup. The first thing that stood out to me is that Garrett, the owner, answered the phone and talked things through with me in a way the people who answered phones at several other bigger companies couldn’t. And his services were a good deal cheaper than the bigger companies too. Our vent system ended up needing a lot more attention than just the cleaning, including some reworking of certain components of the dryer vent system. I was very pleased with the way Garrett methodically and deliberately assessed things. He helped us get everything in order and I’m glad we went with him. Will recommend to all my friends and family for their own dryer vent cleaning.

Scott Carter  I didn’t even know dryer vents need to be cleaned until recently. I chose Garrett due to great reviews. Well, here is another one! I called Saturday morning expecting an appointment next week. It is 4:00 on Saturday evening and my dryer and vent discharge is clean! It had 11 years of build up and was in poor shape. He spent the extra time and not only cleaned the vent tubing but also fixed the discharge flap, and modified our hose to the dryer to work more efficiently. After this he cleaned out the lint catcher reservoir on the machine since we had no clue that we needed to. He educated us and provided professional service as well. We will be calling on a regular basis now to keep our vent clean and to reduce the chance of a fire. I highly recommend It’s Time. Thanks again Garrett!

Amy Kisner from Nextdoor
Our dryer vent got plugged up (again). We called It’s Time Dryer Vent Cleaning. The owner Garrett Eckert came right out and diagnosed the basic problem so hopefully it won’t come back! He was knowledgeable and professional, and we recommend him.

Pamie Leapyear   Awesome job !! My clothes are getting completely dry again. My vent hadn’t been cleaned since moving in my home 8 years ago, so it was past overdue, I did several reviews on different companies,but was drawn here. I was pleased not only on his customer feedback, but the website information as well. Garrett came and did his 5 star thing!! Thank you again!

Jam t   If your looking for someone to do the job right go with this company!! Garret is professional and thorough, pricing was upfront. I was really pleased with the results, vents are clean and safe:)

Jessica Price   Such a great experience. Communication was very prompt and service quick. Loved the upfront pricing. Thank you!

Roger Preswood   Garrett does a great job and goes above and beyond expectations to make his customers happy.

Wendy Nye Very curtious, knowledge and affordable.

Clia Stanley  ★★★★★  My dryer is running like new and my venting system is up to code! It’s Time Dryer Vent Cleaning did a great job. Highly recommend!

Christy Slater  ★★★★★  Our fancy dryer has not been living up to its billing lately, taking too long to dry everything. Garrett Eckhart from “Its Time” dryer vent cleaning service made a believer out me in the need to have your dryer and dryer vent cleaned. The attached pictures are just a sample of the lent that came out the pipes. Garrett was very patient, thorough, and professional. You need his service even though you don’t know it. Do yourself a favor and call him even if you’re a sworn skeptic like me. Our fancy dryer is more awesome than ever and I will sleep better knowing my chance of a house fire is now lower!

Walter Sanders ★★★★★   Solid pro. Solid person. Your choice for your next vent cleaning.

Melissa Leasure ★★★★★   Garrett cleaned the vent going from the dryer to the top of the roof and cleaned out the actual dryer itself. Very thorough and highly recommend.

Tyson Bowers ★★★★★  Garrett did a great job cleaning out our vent. 2nd story wasn’t something I wanted to tackle. I feel like it was good bang for the buck.

Joan Schramm ★★★★★   It’s Time Dryer Vent Cleaning and Garrett did a fantastic job of solving my problem. He is very neat, very thorough and very dependable. 

Richard Huitt (website review)  Garrett Eckert, is one of the nicest people you could possibly meet. He is extremely honest, trustworthy and efficient. He does what he says he is going to do and shows up when he says he is going to.I would highly recommend!!!!!

Denise Bridges ★★★★★  Garrett came out today on short notice to help with our dryer issues. He was prompt, professional, honest and thorough. Definitely will use again.

Carol S ★★★★★   Very knowledgeable, patient, thorough, and persistent to get the job resolved. I would recommend GARRET! He does FANTASTIC work!!!

Eyad Nazer ★★★★★   Garrett is great!! Very professional, thorough, honest, and fairly priced. Highly recommended for all your dryer vent and ductwork needs.

Thomas Buckley ★★★★★   I can’t say enough about Garrett as he went above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend him for his services as he is very professional,personable and very reasonable with price! Thanks Garrett for all that you did!

Mary Johnson (website review)  We recommend you phone “It’s Time Dryer Vent Cleaning, LLC” and have your dryer vent cleaned. Garrett was prompt and professional, and his prices are quite reasonable. He showed us pictures of the lint build-up in our flexible hose and in and around the roof vent. Garrett explained why we should replace our existing inadequate roof vent, and we agreed. We haven’t used our dryer yet, but are confident it will run much more efficiently now.

Mary Bivin ★★★★★   Very friendly and knowledgeable! Great service for a reasonable price!

Greg Simpson ★★★★★   Garrett cleaned the vent going from the dryer to the top of the roof and cleaned out the actual dryer itself. Very thorough and highly recommend.

Bucky Simmons ★★★★★   Cleaned out dryer vent, on time cleaned up afterwards gave good tips highly recommend.

Dana Moshos ★★★★★   Garrett did a great job. I had a lot of lint were it could have been a fire hazard. Also Garrett does great handyman work. He put up gutter guards and fixed tile in my bathroom. He did a great job!

Robin Knox (website review)  Garrett provided great service & was very thorough in his work. He isn’t one to try to get over on you & will communicate how you can prevent restrictions in your dryer vents in the future. I highly recommend Garrett & his service charges are very fair & he goes above & beyond to provide great service.

Adam Johnson ★★★★★   We hired this company to clean our dryer vents and they did a great job. They were very professional and polite. I would highly recommend them! 

BETSY CHAMBERS CURLEY ★★★★★ from Facebook

Great service, very professional and timely. Dryer is running great now! Will definitely use again. I highly recommend It’s Time if you need your dryer vent cleaned!

Teresa Taylor ★★★★★   Garret Eckhart went above and beyond the call of duty when cleaning our dryer vent! Mine was detached and laying on the ground under our house and he repaired it. Who knew? It could’ve caused all sorts of nasty problems and I had no idea! Dryer is working so much better now. Garrett also cleaned our gutters. An amazing job on a two story house with a steep roof! Most importantly, Garrett is the kind of man you can trust. I could’ve left and let him work while I was gone and felt perfectly comfortable. He is reliable, honest, and thorough. If you’re going to need someone you can trust, this is your man!