Bird Nest

Looking for a warm and dry place to build a nest, birds will sometimes do so within a vent . Partially or completely open vents are especially inviting to birds.

Birds do not like the airflow of a bath fan or dryer. To reduce this airflow they pack a vent with as much as 4 feet of nesting. Because bath vents are made of either thin foil or plastic, great care must be taken not to damage them while removing nests. It’s Time Dryer Vent has extensive experience removing bird nests.

Some will put a guard over vents to keep the birds out. While this is fine for bath vents, it is hazardous for dryer vents because lint will completely clog the guard over time.

Deflecto makes a louvered hood which is durable, resists bird entry and allows for great airflow.

For homeowners wanting the best protection against birds, Dryer Wall Vent is available. It is made of metal, opens completely for zero airflow restriction, and magnetically stays shut.

If you are having issues with birds and/or vent hoods, please call  or to discuss how It’s Time Dryer Vent can help you.