1. Thin, slinky-type foil hose should never be installed as a dryer vent. Fire burns through it and it restricts airflow.
  2. No flexible duct, even semi-rigid, should be used in a crawl space, wall, or attic.  It sags and collects water in its flexible ridges.  Flexible duct is only meant to be used as a transition hose from the dryer to the wall or floor.
  3. Only solid metal pipe should be used to maximize airflow and fire safety.

Many homeowners have installed or inherited a flexible dryer vent. This is against code in all municipalities. When the time comes to sell your home, most home inspectors will advise their clients to require the flexible duct be replaced to be in compliance with building codes and fire safety.  The sooner It’s Time replaces your flexible line the cheaper it is. Why? Because you’ll save money every time you use your dryer because of the increased airflow and possible avoidance of a costly repair. Not only this but the replacement may also prevent a house fire.