Dryer Vent Cleaning

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At It’s Time all service calls are served by the owner, Garrett Eckert, not an employee. All work and your satisfaction (see reviews) are guaranteed.

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Serving the Greater Charlotte Area

With It’s Time, dryer vent cleaning includes:

  • Clean the venting inside the dryer
  • Scrubbing and removing lint from the dryer duct and transition hose
  • Cleaning of the outside vent hood, including if it is on the roof

Some services only clean the duct from the outside.  It’s Time cleans all ventilation to maximize efficiency and safety.  A clean dryer vent makes little difference if the transition hose is crushed or the outside hood is clogged.

Pricing:  Cleaning $145; +$40 roof vent or severely clogged.

Do you have birds and/or damaged vent hoods? It’s Time specializes in bird nest removal and vent hood replacement.

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